Sleepless HD Updated

Fixed a couple of bugs. Head over to the download section to grab it.

Sleepless HD Updated

Fixed a couple of bugs. Head over to the download section to grab it.

SleeplessHD Released

Under Development – SleeplessHD

External Hard Drives goes into auto-sleep mode after just a few minutes. I’m a laptop user myself, using an attached external hard drive which I’m constantly reading/writing data to/from + backups. I’ve had it with workflow disruptions because the external drive went to sleep, and I have to wait again and again for an unknown …

Bitdefender Antivirus – False Positive

Hey, Just a heads-up to Bitdefender Software users. Bitdefender is apparently flagging my site with a false positive at the moment. I’ve reached out to the Bitdefender Support Team to hopefully get clarification on why this is happening. The message states: “The certificate used to encrypt your connection to this website could not be verified. …

Sleepless in Cyberspace v0.6 Released

What’s New GUI and menu adjustments. “Start with Windows” menu item checked/unchecked status didn’t reflect the actual setting. Registry bug fixed.

ShowIP – First Version Released

The first version of ShowIP was just released. ✔ The app worked quite well during testing, but the GUI needs improvement so expect updates. Try it out and send some feedback. ?‍♂️ Installers for all apps has been made more flexible. They got updated with a bunch of languages to choose from during installation, and …

Sleepless in Cyberspace v0.5 Released

What’s new. A menu is now accessible from the app by right-clicking the interface. Some changes made in how the app behaves when minimized and restored back to normal. Added some graphics to the GUI, logo and buttons. Removed the title bar. The background will now have a random color everytime the app starts.

Under Development

ShowIP created around 1998 was a popular app between the years of 2000-2012. It’s still (8+ years after being abandoned) listed on several download sites where one of them is Softpedia. Link below. I’m developing this app again from scratch. Although I’m not aware of any need of such an app nowadays to be …

Site switched from HTTP to HTTPS

Firewall Application Blocker (FAB) Released