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Welcome to the help section of Firewall Application Blocker (FAB)

Here’s how FAB blocks Inbound and Outbound internet communication for any application.

Block Application(s)

  • Go to Rules > Block Application.
  • Select the application (*.EXE file) that you want to block.
  • Done! The application will now get listed in FAB and blocked from all internet communication.
  • Optional: To block all applications within a folder go to Rules > Block Folder Contents

Remove Block

  • Select one or more items from the list.
  • Go to Rules > Remove Rule(s).
  • The application is removed from the list and the blocking rule has been lifted. The application will now have internet access again.


Q: FAB does not run when launched or some random error occured.

A: Install Microsoft .NET Framework v4.7.2 or higher, and try again.

Q: FAB does not block applications.

A: The Windows 10 built-in Firewall must be enabled for FAB to function properly.

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