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Site shutdown July 2022

Hereby informing that I’ll close down the site in the first week of July 2022. My apps won’t be available for download here or anywhere else when the site has been shutdown.

Creating a game

I’m busy learning Unreal Engine with the aim and goal of creating a game. As long as I have this project going on I probably won’t be updating my other software. Lot’s of hard work ahead since I’m going to do the following: Programming Graphics 3D Models Level Design Music Sound Effects Testing Debugging And …

Music streaming services and how much they pay artists per stream

So, how much does streaming services payout per single play? They’re listed below, sorted from high to low. Napster $0.019 Tidal $0.0125 Apple Music $0.00783 Youtube Music $0.00676 Deezer $0.0064 Amazon Music $0.00402 Spotify $0.0037 Pandora $0.00133 Youtube $0.00069