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SleeplessHD Released

ShowIP – First Version Released

The first version of ShowIP was just released. ✔ The app worked quite well during testing, but the GUI needs improvement so expect updates. Try it out and send some feedback. ?‍♂️ Installers for all apps has been made more flexible. They got updated with a bunch of languages to choose from during installation, and …

Sleepless in Cyberspace v0.5 Released

What’s new. A menu is now accessible from the app by right-clicking the interface. Some changes made in how the app behaves when minimized and restored back to normal. Added some graphics to the GUI, logo and buttons. Removed the title bar. The background will now have a random color everytime the app starts.

Firewall Application Blocker (FAB) Released

Sleepless in Cyberspace goes Freeware