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Sleepless in Cyberspace

Sleepless in Cyberspace Screenshot

Prevents your computer from going into unwanted sleep mode or hibernation when you’re away from the keyboard (AFK). End the ‘away’ and ‘inactive’ statuses once and for all for any app that monitors your presence. And for those who works from home – Your manager and colleagues will always find your online status green/active in MS Teams. You’ll be giving them the positive impression of constantly being present/working.

Also, for any other scenario which requires no interruptions. When downloading huge files for example, which may take some time to finish. By leaving your computer unattented, if the sleep or hibernation occurs, the download might get interrupted and you’ll have to do it all over. This software prevents that as well. Sleepless in Cyberspace will sit calmly in your System Tray and do its job quietly while using zero CPU resources.

Firewall Application Blocker

firewall application blocker screenshot

Blocks inbound and outbound internet traffic for any application, with absolutely zero impact on your system’s resources because the beauty with FAB is that you set a rule once and when you close the application (because it doesn’t even have to run, unlike other Firewall apps) the rule will still work.

Please do compare with other Firewall apps, that are bloated and using up precious CPU, SSD and Memory resources at all times, with the result of degrading the performance of your system. This may be especially important for gamers, graphics creators of any kind, music producers and others who require access to the full performance of their systems.

See the Help & FAQ page for usage and the most common questions.


Besides from showing you your LAN and WAN IP-Addresses, it monitors and notifies you of any IP changes.

“A Local Area Network (LAN) is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area such as a residence, school, laboratory, university campus or office building.”

The Internet may be considered a Wide Area Network (WAN).


External Hard Drives goes into auto-sleep mode after just a few minutes.

As a laptop user myself using an attached external hard drive that I’m constantly reading/writing data to/from incl. backups, I’m done with workflow disruptions because the external drive went to sleep after one minute, and I have to wait again and again for an unknown amount of time until it spins up. This app solves it once and for all.

The app currently supports up to 3 hard drives. Select any of your hard drives from the list and add it to be monitored. Set the time and finally click Activate.